Baby Girl Shower Theme Ideas

This baby girl shower themes party page offers a wide selection of great theme ideas that you may like to use for your baby girl themed party day.

You will find a fantastic selection of free printables to use.

From brand new invitations and poem templates thru to baby girl wording ideas, menu templates, party banners and a fun selection of free printable baby girl baby shower games too.

The girl themed invitations, poems and menu templates have all been designed to compliment each other perfectly.

You will find the same adorable artwork running throughout all the collections mentioned above.

Your baby shower stationery can now be fully co-ordinated from start to finish, and their all free for you to use too.

In addition to the free printables, we also offer a stunning range of personalized baby girl invitations.

All the invitation cards have been designed and created with little girls in mind. I hope you enjoy the girl baby shower ideas we have put together here for you.

Have a wonderful baby shower party day.

Baby Girl Shower Ideas

Personalized Baby Girl Shower Invitations

This superb collection of baby girl shower invitation cards offers a stunning range for you to choose from. The designs and artwork found throughout the cards are simply adorable.

From little pink elephants and BBQ themes thru to vintage cards, stork cards and shaped jungle invitation cards too.



All the invitations are easy to personalize with your own it's a girl baby shower themed wording ideas. Simply select the card you like and follow along with the on-line instructions on screen. You can even see how your card will look before any purchase is made. Enjoy.

Free Printable Baby Girl Shower Invitations

You may like this whopping selection of free printable baby shower cards we have put together here for you. This awesome range includes eight invitation templates for you to choose from. All the invitations have been totally updated with brand new designs and art work throughout.

See Examples Below.


The girl baby shower themes included on the templates range from little girl carriage themes thru to umbrella themes, baby girl stork themes, balloon and bows themes and more. Pop on over and see what you think, don't forget, their all free for you to print out and mail away for your party day.

Free Printable Baby Girl Shower Poems

Want to include a poem with your invitations too. Then you may like this baby girl poems page we have put together here. All the baby girl poems have been totally updated with brand new girl themed poem templates.

You will now find that each individual poem offers a choice of three poem templates for you to choose from, instead of just one. 

See Examples Below.


The template deigns are super easy to view on screen, just hit the print button directly beneath your poem of choice. The poems template will now open up in a new browser window for you, if you like it, simply hit the print button and print away.

Baby Girl Wording Ideas

Like the poems, then you're sure to love the baby girl wording ideas here too. This fun selection offers twelve themed wording poems that you can print out and use for free.

See Examples Below.

Each individual poem offers two adorable wording templates for you to choose from. You could even use a selection of template poem designs to send out with your baby shower invitation cards.

Girl Baby Shower Menu Templates

Want a great way to introduce your baby girl menu to all your party guests. Then this adorable range of free printable girl themed menu templates may just do the trick.

You will find six menu templates that offer fun and vibrant designs throughout. From jungle girl baby shower menu templates thru to baby carriage designs, pacifier designs and a little girls clothes menu template too.

  See Examples Below.


Pop on over and take a look, the free menu templates are super easy
to print off and look fantastic too.

Baby Girl Shower Decorations

Looking for baby girl shower decorations, then look no further. This superb selection offers a wide range of decoration ideas for you to choose from.

See Examples Below.


You will find baby girl balloons in a variety of different shapes and sizes. How about pink paper lanterns that come in various shades of pink, we even have adorable polka dot pink lanterns to.

You may like the baby pink table confetti or maybe the swirling hanging decorations for baby girls to. Whatever your decoration style, your sure to find the perfect baby shower decorations from this great selection "Right Here".

Free Printable Baby Shower Games

The girl baby shower ideas here are sure to get your party guests into a twist. This fun range of free printable baby shower games offers five girl themed party games for you to print out and use for your baby girl themed party day.

Baby Girl Name Game Race

This fun to play game will have you're baby shower guests racing like mad as they try to think up baby girl names from a to z to put in the grid.

First person to complete all names wins the game.

We also offer a free printable baby girls name sheet, just in case you're party guests get a little stuck. Enjoy

Baby Girl Scramble Game

Fancy a scramble, then this baby girl scramble game will certainly do the trick.

Your baby shower guests must quickly unscramble all the girl themed words on the list.

The first player or team to complete the list wins the game.

Word Search Puzzle

Looking for more great games, then this brand new free printable game will really get your party guests in a twist.

The girl themed word search puzzle will have your guests searching for all the words they can find within the grid before the time runs out.

They need to be super quick though, they'll be competing with some of the best baby shower gamers around. The first person to complete the puzzle wins the game and takes the champions gold medal award.

Girl Baby Shower Bingo Cards

A great game to play at any baby girl shower party just has to be baby shower bingo.

You will find 20 pre-filled girl themed bingo cards, along with how to play instructions, girl themed bingo markers and one spare bingo template, just in case you would like to design your own bingo game cards.

The baby shower bingo game is unique, easy to print and great fun to play. Give it a go, I'm sure you'll love it.

Blank Baby Shower Bingo Card Templates

If you prefer to make-up your own baby girl bingo cards, then this brand new collection of free printable bingo card template designs are just for you. The bingo templates all offer beautiful baby girl art work throughout.  

See Examples Below.

From ducky and underwater themes thru to jungle girl bingo cards, little pink footprint themed bingo cards and even diaper pins and carriage themed bingo card templates too.

Print and Play

 If you would like to take a closer look at all the fun baby girl games we have put together here, simply click on this baby girl games link.

You will instantly land on the free printable baby girls game page, you will find all the great game ideas we offer on this page. Hope you have lots of fun playing them.

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