My BabyShower Ideas

Hi! How would you like a great selection of babyshower ideas for your shower themed party day. Well, that was my aim when I first started to create this site six years ago.

I had no experience in website building back then, but overtime as I learnt and developed my new found skills for website building I found that I actually enjoyed what I was doing. Yep, I am now hooked and love creating new baby shower ideas for the site.

I am a great believer in offering things for free, so as my knowledge and learning gained strength I started to develop free babyshower printables for my visitors to use as when they liked.

From babyshower game ideas thru to babyshower invitation templates, printable babyshower invitations, babyshower thank you poems, babyshower poems and this is just a small part of the free shower printables you will find within the site.

The site now offers over 200 free printables and is still growing.

I really hope that you enjoy the site and you find the free baby shower ideas useful.

Just to give you a snapshot of who I am.

Yep, this is me Julie and mommy to my little princess Sophie.

Don't forget, take whatever printables you need for your party day, this is what I built the site for, to be useful for my visitors and hopefully you'll agree, lots of fun babyshower ideas along the way.

Take Care

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