Couples Baby Shower Ideas

The couples baby shower ideas here are sure to set your coed shower theme up right from the start. Yes, this fantastic selection of couples baby shower poems are not to be missed.

You will not only find poems for baby shower invitations that you can read on screen. You will also find that the entire collection can be printed out to.

All the couples baby poems have been set on the sample themed template over there.

Simply select the couples themed poem you want to use and follow the link instructions directly beneath your poem of choice.

The poem you select will open up in a new browser window; you can now view and print as many copies that you like.

Please note: The couples baby shower ideas here are for home use only. Please do not tango, waltz or rumba the coed shower poems off this page if you intend to use them for anything else then what they where intended for. Do Not Do This.



Couples Baby Shower Poems


We’re holding a special baby shower
For a brand new mom and dad
They’ll be showing off the baby
And there’s something you can add.

They’d love to have you come
and celebrate together
so make your plans early
no matter what the weather.

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We’re excited to celebrate this special day
For a new little one is on the way.

We’re getting together to give some advice
And to give mom and dad some gifts that are nice.

Bring a few parenting memories that you can share too
Then we’ll play a game and allow you to name a few.

The couple will enjoy the cake, games, and fun
And we’ll enjoy the party until it is done.

So make sure you remember the date and the time
And start looking for gifts that they’ll think are sublime.

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We only have one request
To add a bit of glee
If you could do one thing
To help these parents to be.

Bring along something extra
And make it a gift from the heart
Some blankets or even some diapers
Are sure to give them a start.

Well have some good times and food
And fun and games we’ll share
This new couple will be so excited
When they see every one of you there.

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The (Smith) couple is expecting
But they’re not expecting this
The baby shower we’re planning
You definitely can’t miss.

Take the time to join the fun
For the mom and dad to be
And for the new little one
That we all can't wait to see.

The shower we are having
Will be full of laughter and fun.
We’re celebrating a brand new life
And sure do hope you’ll come.

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Yes, the (Smiths) are having a baby
I’m sure that you already know
So come and see this couple
And see the mommy glow.

There will be games and gifts
You need to come for goodness sake
After all we’ll need some help
To eat all that tasty shower cake.

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Couples Baby Shower Invitations

The couples baby shower ideas just keep on coming.

If you like the couples baby poems here you're sure to enjoy the couples baby shower invitations here too. You will find three sets of totally free and printable baby shower invitations "Right Here".


Couples Invites

Take A Look - Couples Themed Shower Invitations and template sets.


Three pre-filled invitations and three matching blank invitation templates too. You can print them out immediately if you like, great hey.



Couples Baby Shower Wording Ideas

Coed Baby Shower Wording

Now the couples baby shower ideas here offer something rather special.

Yes, you will find a full page that's bursting at the seams with couples baby shower wording ideas.

But that's not all, the wording ideas here have been placed on themed couples baby shower paper labels, just like the one over there and can be printed off for free for your couples themed baby shower party day.



< < Coed BabyShower Poems

< < < Coed BabyShower Poems


I really hope that the couples baby shower ideas here have been of use to you. Why not leave a note in the facebook comments box below, let us know if you enjoyed the page, maybe you printed off some of the free printables here. Either way, it would be great to hear from you. Have a superb couples themed baby shower day.

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