Baby Shower Diaper Invitations

Diaper invitations really set the scene right from the off, your baby shower guests will instantly know what type of baby shower party theme they will be attending when they receive their invites in the mail.

The diaper baby shower invites are great for sprinkle baby shower parties too.

Guests will know to bring only baby essentials, such as diapers, baby lotions, baby wipes, baby outfits, bibs, socks and so on.

So, yep, with all this said' you will certainly find a diaper invitation or two right here.

New: The baby shower diaper invitation cards have all been updated.

All the invitations now offer three sets of templates within each category.

You will find diaper baby shower invitations for baby boys, girls and it's a baby themed invitation templates too.

The complete range is totally free for you to use.

You can print out as many invitation templates as you like for your diaper themed baby shower party day.

Please note: The diaper baby shower invitation cards are for home use only. Please do not remove them from this page if you intend to use them for anything else. Just a little note, I monitor the content / images on this website on a regular basis for any material that is being misused in anyway.

free diaper themed invites

Boy Diaper Baby Shower Invitations




Girl Diaper Invitations


It's A Baby Diaper Baby Shower Invitations


Baby Shower Diaper Cake Poems

A diaper baby shower invitation just wouldn't be complete without a diaper cake poem thrown into the party mix. Yep, we've got lots of them here too. This brand new collection of diaper cake poem ideas now offers a stunning range of poem templates that you can print out and use for free.



Nearly all the poems offer baby boy, girl and neutral themed poem templates, just like the ones shown above. The updated templates have been complimented with superb new graphics and instead of just one poems template to print, you now get three. I really hope you enjoy the new range of diaper poems we have created here. Enjoy.

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< < < Free Diaper Invites

Tell us how where doing, it would be great if you would let us know what you think about the diaper baby shower invitation cards we have created here. To leave a message, just pop your comment in the facebook comments box below, it would be lovely to get your feedback. Thank You.

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