Easter Themed Baby Shower Games

Your Easter themed baby shower has just taken a gigantic bounce, yes this fun themed babyshower games page will have your Easter shower party hopping, skipping and jumping along in no time at all.

Yep, the bunny baby shower theme squad have been nibbling at carrots and creating so much fuss, they just can not wait to get their creative shower games up on the site for you to enjoy.

So what's the fuss all about? Well this Easter basket is full of surprises. You will find four free printable Easter themed baby shower games right here.

Easter baby shower bingo games, fun scramble games with an Easter twist, a very mixed-up Easter puzzle and a baby animal match game too. Yep, they are all free for you to print and play for your baby shower party day.

Please note: All the Easter themed games are for home use only. Please do not take them if you intend to use them for anything else. Be warned, the bunny shower theme party squad have exceptionally good hearing, they will definitely hear the rustle of these games being taken from this site. Do not do this.



Easter Baby Shower Bingo Games

Easter baby shower bingo

This fun packed free printable baby shower bingo game really knows how to pack a punch.

From bunny's to Easter Eggs and themed Easter words you really will be hopping with delight.

The Easter themed baby shower bingo game includes:

20 pre-filled bingo cards along with full printing instructions on how to play.

Click here to view and print the game in your browser, or right-click to download it.



Easter Baby Shower Scramble Games

Easter baby shower games

The Easter words have got themselves in a bit of a twist.

Can your shower guests figure out what the words are supposed to say.

You can time the game to make it a little more competitive, leave it open to take the pressure off, split your baby shower guests into pairs or simply play the game on an individual basis.

The first set of pairs or individual player who completes the list WINS the game.

You will find a full set of answers included with this Easter themed party game.

Click here to view and print the game in your browser,
or right-click to download it.



Easter Baby Shower Mix Up Games

Easter baby shower games

How many words can your baby shower guests make up out of the words EASTER SHOWER?

This FUN Easter themed baby game will get your guests thinking as they try to quickly think up words to write on their list.

Included with the Easter baby shower game is a full list of keyword combinations.

Click here to view and print the game in your browser,
or right-click to download it.



Baby Animal Match Games

This quick fire Easter game can be printed and played instantly.

How do you play the game? It's easy and lots of fun.

Simply print out this creative baby shower game then see how fast your baby shower guests can guess which animal name goes with the corresponding baby name.

The first person to complete the grid wins the game.

Play this bunny baby shower theme game at a faster pace by timing the game, allow 3 - 5 minutes until you blow the whistle.

This will really bring out the competitive streak in your baby shower guests. Have Fun.

Click here to view and print the Easter themed baby shower game
in your browser, or right-click to download it.



Easter Baby Shower Stationery Set

This Easter theme needs a little more bounce in its step, don't you think, and what a bounce we have.

Yes, see the Bunny baby shower theme set down below, it's totally free for you to print out and use for your baby shower day.


Easter BabyShower Invitations Easter BabyShower Labels Easter BabyShower Template


The set includes one pre-filled Easter baby shower invitation, one blank template and a full set of Easter themed baby shower labels too.

Now that's got to be worth a carrot or two.

I really hope you have enjoyed all the Easter themed baby shower ideas we have put together here. Have a superb baby shower day and a great Easter too.



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