Halloween Baby Shower Poems

Spook up your Halloween baby shower cards with this delightful range of free printable Halloween themed baby shower verses.

All the wording poems have been totally re-vamped, you will now find that each poem offers a selection of printable Halloween themed templates for you to use.

The templates have been designed with new Halloween artwork.

From baby boy, girl and neutral themed skeletons thru to pink, blue and yellow bats along with floating ghosts, little pink witches, cute Halloween spiders and even baby pumpkin designs too.

Each individual poem offers three templates for you to choose from.

You will find a baby boy, girl and a neutral Halloween baby shower template too.

To save on your paper and time, we have placed three wording templates within each of the individual printable PDF files.

So if you see a poem you would like to use, simply click on the print button directly beneath your poem of choice. The poems file will open up in a new browser window for you, you will now see your poem three times within the same file.

If you like the Halloween baby shower verses you have selected, just hit the print button within the open file. Your selected poems will start to print out immediately for you.

I hope this makes it easier for you, at least it should hopefully make things a little quicker for you. Enjoy.

Please Note: The baby shower Halloween wording ideas are for home use only. Please do not take them if you intend to use them for anything else. Just so you are aware, I monitor the content / images and PDF files on a regular basis for any misuse of the material found throughout the site.

Halloween Baby Shower Wording

Baby Shower Halloween - Poem 1

We're having a party around Halloween
But it's not for someone that you've ever seen.

There is a new baby coming, so join in the din
And come welcome the new little pumpkin.





Baby Shower Halloween - Poem 2

Something is brewing - a baby.
Come for a ghoulish great time and celebrate the (Smith's) new baby.





Baby Shower Halloween - Poem 3

Have you noticed (Mary) has a special grin?
It's because she's expecting again.

We're having a special Halloween party
Make sure you come, and don't be tardy.





Baby Shower Halloween - Poem 4

A Halloween baby is on the way
So let's get together and celebrate on (Wednesday or other day of the week)

Everyone dress up in a cool costume too
And bring a gift in pink or in blue.





Baby Shower Halloween -Poem 5

It's a ghostly evening and we have some news
There's a new baby coming - but who's?

The Smiths are the lucky ones and soon they will be
Parents of a brand new little baby.

Join us for a Halloween baby shower for


Free Halloween Baby Shower Invitations

This adorable range of free printable Halloween baby shower invitation cards offers 15 themed templates for you to use.

See Examples Below.

Most of the invitation templates include a poem, just like the ones above. However, if you prefer a template with no poem added, you will find a great selection of invitation cards with no poems on "Right Here".

All the invitations are completely free for you to use, please feel free to print out as many as you like for your party day.

Recommended - Personalized Halloween Invitation Cards

For even more choice, you may like this frightful selection of personalized Halloween baby shower invitation cards too. This stunning range can be totally personalized with your own Halloween themed wording ideas. You can view the cards on screen instantly as you add your wording to it.

Girl Invitation Cards
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Invitation Cards
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Neutral Invitation Cards
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This is also good to do as you can check for any spelling mistakes you may have made when entering your wording onto the card.

I really hope you have enjoyed the selection of free printables here.
And don't forget, you can print out the Halloween wording poems as many times as you like.

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