Halloween Baby Shower Theme

This spellbinding Halloween baby shower themes page offers a fantastic selection of spooky delights for your baby shower Halloween party day.

You will find a cauldron full of free printables to use.

From free printable Halloween invitations for baby boys, girls and neutral themed invitation templates thru to a wicked selection of Halloween themed wording ideas too.

How about decorations, you may like the printable baby shower Halloween themed banner we offer on the site.

The banner includes all the letters you need to create a stunning Halloween themed shower banner from home.

Looking for games, then you may just like the free printable games collection here.

From Halloween bingo games thru to baby boy, girl and neutral themed scramble game templates and not forgetting the little mix-up games and blank baby shower Halloween bingo templates too.

You may even like the free printable menu templates we have created here for you. All the templates offer adorable designs and can be printed out instantly for your party day.

I hope you find the Halloween baby shower ideas here useful. And don't forget, all the free printables are just that, completely free for you to print out and use whenever you like. Enjoy.

Halloween Baby Shower Ideas

Baby Shower Halloween Invitations

Add a little scare to your invitations with this delightful range of free printable Halloween baby shower invitations. All the invitation templates have been updated with stunning new artwork, you will now find 15 invitations to choose from "Right Here".

The invitations include baby boy, girl and neutral themed Halloween invitations too.  

See Examples Below.


Most of the templates include a cute Halloween invitation poem too. However, if you prefer a template with no poem on, then you will find a great selection of templates to use that are poem free.

Baby Shower Halloween Wording Ideas

Along with the invites above, you will also find a fun range of matching Halloween themed wording ideas here too.

All the wording templates offer the same adorable designs as the invitations and offer baby boy, girl and neutral themed wording templates.  

See Examples Below.


The Halloween wording poems are great to use in your invitation cards. Simply print them out, cut the wording templates from the paper then pop them in with your invitation cards and mail away.

Spooky Halloween Party Banner

To add to all the fun, why not try the free printable Halloween party banner here too.

The banner offers all the letters you need to create a party banner from home.

The banner art work is superb, you will find Halloween orange bone letters along with little flying bats and even bubbling cauldron pots too.

Go on over and take a look, I think you'll love the Halloween decoration ideas here.

Halloween Themed Baby Shower Menu Templates

Give your party guests a fright with this wicked range of free printable Halloween baby shower menu templates "Right Here". This scary bunch offers a fabulous selection for you to choose from.  

See Examples Below.


You will find shaking skeletons in blue, pink and yellow, along with dreadful bats, floating ghosts, nasty spiders, dare devil vampires and spellbinding witches too. Hope you like them.

Spider Baby Shower Halloween Ideas

Oh my, what a fright, this eight legged lot will scare you all right.

This fantastic range of spider baby shower Halloween party supplies will really keep your shower theme right on track.

From spider keychain favors for baby boys, girls and neutral themed key chains thru to invitations, yard signs and organic Halloween spider creepers for baby too.

All the spider party supplies can be totally personalized.

Just add your own wording to the product, you will see the product you have selected change instantly on screen as you add your wording to it.

This bewitching lot simply has the lot for your themed baby shower party day. Enjoy

Free Halloween Baby Shower Games

For a fun way to entertain your party guests, try out this brand new selection of free printable Halloween themed party games "Right Here".

The games are simply superb. You will find all the game templates have been totally re-vamped with stunning new graphics and new games added to the collection too.  

See Examples Below.


You will now find baby boy and girl games along with neutral themed Halloween game templates too.

From Halloween themed bingo, the bingo game set includes 20 pre-filled bingo cards along with full playing instructions included within the PDF file.

How about Halloween scramble games or maybe a little mix-up game too. You could even use the free printable Halloween baby shower bingo card templates to create your own Halloween themed bingo game for your party day.

Baby Shower Halloween Story Game

This little game is sure to keep everyone amused.

It's just like pass the parcel but instead of passing the parcel you pass the story around instead.

First decide who is going to start and which direction the story is going to go. The story or tale needs to be related to Halloween or things that go bump in the night. You will need some sort of stop watch and a designated person to oversee the game.

The first person starts the story, give them about 10 to 15 seconds with the story then pass the story down the line. The second person has got to continue where the last person left off.

People will be timed out of the game if they take longer then 4 - 5 seconds to continue with the story. The last person standing wins the game. Loads of fun and really amusing.

I really hope you have enjoyed all the Halloween baby shower ideas we have created here for you. And please, use as many free printables as you like, their all completely free for you to use time and time again.

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