Jungle Baby Shower Menu Templates

This wild selection of jungle baby shower menu templates offers six themed designs for you to choose from. You will find jungle vines and monkey faces along with girl and boy themed templates and not forgetting those swinging monkeys that are up to mischief as the main images on the baby shower themed menu templates.

And hey, all the jungle themed baby shower templates are completely free for you to print off and use for your jungle baby shower party day.

Just a word of warning though, those cheeky monkeys really do like to cause havoc, so just watch yourself as those templates come flying out of your printer, you never know what those little rascals will get up to next.

Want to print them off, just click on the link underneath the jungle baby shower menu templates you like the best. The template will open up in a new browser window for you, from here you can view the template and if you like it simply hit the printer button to start printing them off.

Swing on down the page and take a look, I'm sure you'll love this mischievous lot.

Please Note: The jungle menu baby shower templates are for home use only. Please do not swing these free printables off this page if you intend to use them for anything else then what they where intended for. Do Not Do This.


Jungle Themed Baby Shower Menu Templates


Click here to view and print
the jungle baby shower menu templates
in your browser.

Click here to view and print
the jungle monkey menu template
in your browser.



Click here to view and print
the jungle boy baby shower menu template
in your browser.

Click here to view and print
the jungle boy themed menu template
in your browser.



Click here to view and print
the jungle girl baby shower menu template
in your browser.

Click here to view and print
the jungle girl baby shower menu template
in your browser.


Free Baby Shower Jungle Invitations

Hey, not only have we got jungle baby shower menu templates here, we have also put together a complete range of baby shower jungle invitations and blank themed templates too.

Yep, this awesome selection offers free baby shower jungle invitations for baby boys, girls and neutral themed jungle stationery sets too.

Go on over and take a peek, those little monkeys are waiting for you.


Jungle Baby Invites

Girl Themed Jungle Baby Shower Invitations Neutral Jungle BabyShower Invitations Baby Boy Jungle BabyShower Invitations

Take A Look - Jungle Themed Shower Invitations and template sets.


Free Printable Jungle Themed Games

Enjoyed the jungle trail so far, if you have you may want to follow this jungle track some more. Yep, just swing on thru those vine leaves and you'll end up in jungle games paradise, I kid you not.

This gigantic selection of free printable jungle themed baby shower games offers over 20 themed jungle games that you can print off and play for free.

So what's in store?

You will find jungle themed baby shower bingo games, bingo templates, a variety of word search puzzles, raffle tickets, animal match games, crossword puzzles, sudoku puzzles, unique animal draw games, language games, word mix games and that's just for starters.

How about Jungle Book baby shower games. Yep, this page offers unique Jungle Book games that you won't find anywhere else on the internet today.

From Jungle Book trivia games thru to mix and match games, song games, word puzzles, crossword games and the list really is endless.


Jungle Themed Games

Jungle Baby Shower A - Z Game Jungle Baby Shower Animal Match Game Jungle Themed BabyShower Bingo Game
Baby Shower Jungle Games Jungle Shower Themed Word Search Game Jungle Babyshower Draw Game

Take A Look - Jungle Baby Shower Games bundle.


Want to take a look, then you better get your best jungle boots on, you may be on this jungle page for quite sometime. Have Fun.





I really hope you found the jungle baby shower menu templates here useful. If you did, why not leave a couple of bananas in the facebook comments box below, whoops, I meant to say leave a little note in the box below. It would be great to know if you found the templates helpful.

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