Jungle Book Baby Shower Games

Our jungle book explorers have been at it again, but this time with a jungle twist. They searched high and low for fun jungle baby shower game ideas and eventually returned back to camp with some of the most creative baby shower games around.

This fun filled collection of baby shower jungle games will really knock your socks off. We offer eight superb shower games, all with that added twist, so what's the twist.

Yep, you guessed it The Jungle Book theme.

All the baby shower games have been lovingly created with this superb theme in mind; just think you could have two jungle baby shower themes rolled into one.

A jungle baby shower theme and a Jungle book theme too, how cool would that be.

Whoops, forget say, all the games are free for you to print out and play, but please, only use the games for your own enjoyment, the games are not to be used for commercial gain.

Ready to do some exploring, great then lets go.



JungleBook Crossword Puzzle

So how well do you know your Jungle book characters?

Jungle Baby Shower Games

This great Baby Shower Crossword Puzzle will certainly get your baby shower guests in a twist.

All the clues relate to the fun characters you find in the JungleBook films, but how many can you guess?

To play the game, you can either split off into teams or give each baby shower guest a baby shower crossword puzzle of their own to complete.

The first team or individual player to complete all the Jungle Book Characters in the puzzle WINS the Game.

For an alternative twist, the baby shower game could be timed and the player or team with the most correct answers when the time runs out WINS the game.

Click here to view and print the game in your browser,
or right-click to download it.



JungleBook Baby Shower Sudoku Puzzle

Now talk about creative baby shower games, well I think this one certainly meets all the criteria needed to be in the creative baby shower games club.

JungleBook Sudoku Puzzle

You see this free printable baby shower game will really get your guests thinking, and not just thinking, they really will have to think hard to solve this JungleBook puzzle.

This JungleBook game is like no other. Instead of using numbers 1 through to 6 to complete the Sudoku games grid you will be using the letters M O W G L I instead.

To play the game - Every row must have the letters MOWGLI in, every column must have the letter MOWGLI in and every mini grid must have the letters MOWGLI in.

Are you up for the challenge, can you beat the JungleBook baby shower games grid. Great, then let's get playing. Have Fun.

Click here to view and print the game in your browser,
or right-click to download it.



Baby Shower Jungle Word Search

JungleBook Baby Shower Word Search Puzzle

This JungleBook Baby Shower Word Search puzzle is like no other. You will need to quickly eliminate all the Jungle Book character names on the list to win this Jungle race.

The trick to this game is speed, the faster you find all the names on the list the closer you get to beating your components.

This quick fire JungleBook game is sure to get all your baby shower guests in a competitive mood, but don't forget this little game is all about FUN and plenty of it.

Click here to view and print the game in your browser,
or right-click to download it.



JungleBook Mix and Match Game

The JungleBook movies have so many great Jungle book characters in, but do you know what their real animal or human names are.

Jungle Book Baby Shower Games

This Jungle game can be a little tricky, that is unless you know the Jungle book characters inside out and back to front so to speak.

So what's this JungleBook baby shower games all about?

Your baby shower guests must quickly guess the correct corresponding animal name or human name to the Jungle Book character names on the list.

This may sound easy, but even our trepid jungle explorers found this game a little tricky (and they created it).

To win the JungleBook game the team or individual player with the most correct answers wins the game.

Click here to view and print the game in your browser,
or right-click to download it.



JungleBook Trivia Quiz

This fun to play game will get all your baby shower guests racing against each other as they try to complete all the JungleBook questions in super fast time.

If you know the JungleBook stories then the questions here will be easy peasy to answer, if not, your Jungle friends may just swing on through to the finishing line and WIN the race.

The baby shower trivia game includes all things JungleBook related; you will see lots of famous Jungle book characters throughout the games quiz, but lets see who really knows the who, what and where's of the JungleBook films.

Click here to view and print the game in your browser,
or right-click to download it.



JungleBook Song Game

This fun packed baby shower jungle Game will get all your Jungle friends humming or maybe even singing along to the great JungleBook theme tunes.

Jungle Book Baby Shower Games

You see, the aim of this game is to try and guess which Jungle book characters sang each jungle book song on the list. But hey, maybe that's a little too easy.

To add to your baby shower fun, some of the songs have more then one jungle character singing the song, but how many more?

Well, that's for your Jungle friends to work out.

This unique game can be played in a variety ways. You can play the game on an individual basis, alternatively split your baby shower guests up into teams.

The game can be timed if you want to play it at a faster pace or simply leave the game open until one of your Jungle tribes thinks they have guessed all the songs correctly.

The person or team with the most correct Jungle book characters against each song WINS the game.

Click here to view and print the game in your browser,
or right-click to download it.



Jungle Book Baby Shower Bingo


This jungle book adventure still has along way to go, yes the trepid explorers couldn't resist creating this fantastic jungle themed bingo game for you to print off and play for your baby shower day.

This creative baby shower game consists of 20 pre-filled baby shower bingo cards, along with one spare bingo template that you can use for free too.

All the bingo games have been created with the jungle book characters in mind and include a full how to play section within the jungle bingo games link below.


Jungle Book Bingo


But hey, those jungle explorers really have gone nuts.

Yes, not only have they created this fantastic selection of JungleBook baby shower bingo games, they've also conjured up this full set of JungleBook baby shower bingo markers too.

The bingo markers are completely free for you to use. Just a quick tip, when printing the markers off try to use slightly thicker card stock, this will make the markers easier to use when playing the game.



Fun Jungle Baby Shower Games

Feeling a little worn out yet with all this jungle trekking, I hope not, we've still got plenty of jungle fun ahead of us.

Yep, see the jungle baby shower games pack; well it's bursting with themed baby shower games for you to print off and play for your baby shower day.


Jungle Themed Games

Jungle Baby Shower A - Z Game Jungle Baby Shower Animal Match Game Jungle Themed BabyShower Bingo Game
Baby Shower Jungle Games Jungle Shower Themed Word Search Game Jungle Babyshower Draw Game

Take A Look - Jungle Baby Shower Games bundle.


This jungle games pack is superb, you will find jungle games templates, bingo cards, suduko puzzles, animal match games, jungle language games, word searche puzzles, jungle draw games and the list of games here really are endless.

And hey, all the games are totally free, now this is definitely a jungle theme that is not to be missed.


So our jungle baby shower crew has yet again completed another successful jungle expedition. They certainly did bring back the jungle goodies and what fun packed goodies they are.

I really do hope you have a superb time with the free printable baby shower games on offer here, hey you never know, those jungle explorers may even be back with more jungle treats, they really do want you to have the best baby shower day ever.




If you like the jungle games here, please leave a comment in the facebook comments box below. It would be great to know what games you played and if you found them fun.

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