Rubber Ducky Invitations

Rubber ducky invitations that you can use for free for your duck themed baby shower party day.

You will find that the duck themed invites now offer new designs to choose from.

Yep, we've added in new template designs for baby boys, girls and it's a baby ducky themed baby shower invitations too.

But hey, don't worry, you will still find the old favourites here too.

This cute selection can be viewed on screen and printed out in a flash.

Just select the duck baby shower invitations you like the best and hit the print button directly beneath your invitation of choice.

Your ducky invitation will pop open in a new browser window for you.

You can now view the invitation on screen, if you like it, press the print button. The invitation will start to print out immediately for you.

You can print out as many rubber duck baby shower invitations as you like, all the invitations are totally free for you to use. Enjoy.

Please note: The ducky invitations are for home use only. Please do not quack or flap these little beauties off this page if you intend to use them for anything else. Just a little note, I monitor the website content / images and PDF files on a regular basis for any misuse of the material found throughout this site.

Rubber Duck Baby Shower Invitations

Duck Baby Shower Invitations - Boy




Rubber Ducky Invitations - Neutral




Duck Baby Shower Invitations - Girl




Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Poems

Want to co-ordinate your invites with a poem or two, then you may just like this superb collection of free printable rubber ducky baby shower themed poems here too. All the poems have been re-designed to compliment the invites found on this page.

Yep, you can now send out matching poem and invitation templates to all your baby shower party guests. (See poem illustration templates above)  Don't forget, you can print out as many poems as you like, their all free for you to use.

< < Rubber Ducky Invites
< < < Rubber Ducky Invites

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