Surprise Baby Shower Poems

Surprise baby shower poem ideas, yes, this fantastic selection of surprise themed shower poems will really keep the baby shower party all hushed up from the parents-to-be. You will find surprise themed baby shower card wording ideas for baby boys, baby girls and neutral themed baby poem ideas too.

But hey, not only will find a great range of surprise themed poems here, you will also discover that all the poems can be printed off too.

Surprise BabyShower Poems

Yep, that's right, the free printable poems are just that, simply select the surprise shower themed poem you like the best and print away. It's as easy as that.

Once you have selected a surprise poem you like, click on the link instructions directly beneath your poem of choice.

From here a new browser window will open up for you with the poem inside, you can now view and print as many copies that you like for your surprise baby shower themed party day.

Just to make you aware, the surprise themed poem files may take a little time to open due to the graphics used to design the printable poems. I hope you like them; they really are worth the wait.

A little tip: You could use the surprise wording for baby shower invitation cards, keep a spare poem back to place in the baby shower keepsake folder or even get one framed as a cute little keepsake for the parents-to-be.

Please Note: The surprise baby shower poems are for home use only. Do not use them if you intend to use them for anything else then what they where intended for.



Surprise Shower Poems


We’re having a surprise baby shower,
To celebrate girl power,
So bring something frilly and pink,
We’re making a cake and some punch to drink,
We’re welcoming this little girl in style,
Cause we’ve been waiting for her for a while.

Click here to view and print
the poem in your browser.



Ten tiny fingers and ten tiny toes,
Little pink dresses and cute little bows;
We’re having a surprise party,
For our friend the mommy to be.

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the poem in your browser.



We’re having a surprise party to celebrate,
So come early please don’t be late,
Bring something pink/blue for the nursery,
And show your love for the mommy to be.

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the poem in your browser.
Boy Surprise Poem

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the poem in your browser.
Girl Surprise Poem



Don’t tell the mommy to be,
But we’re having a surprise party,
To spread lots of great cheer,
That her little girl/boy will soon be here.



What color is needed, pink or blue?
Don’t ask, don’t fret, because Mom hasn’t a clue.
A surprise she wanted and a surprise is at hand.
Over this one fact she has no command.
Healthy and happy with a mischievous streak,
These are all the ingredients that this mother seeks.
Any gift that you bring for boy or for girl;
Will be loved by the new one coming into this world.

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the poem in your browser.



Little Boy Blue is about to arrive
And we will have a shower for this baby at 5.
Mom does not know yet so don’t give her a clue
That might let her guess what we are going to do.
We want to bring gifts for her new baby boy
And share in the happy excitement and joy.

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the poem in your browser.



Baby Shower Poem Ideas

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