Twin Baby Shower Thank You Poems

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The twin baby shower thank you poems all offer a selection of baby boy, girl, one of each and a neutral twin themed baby shower template too.

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Twin Baby Shower Thank Yous


Twin Baby Shower Thank You Poem 1

We’re glad you took some time
And came to welcome us
Although we’re a bit embarrassed
That we caused such a big fuss.

Thanks for all the gifts
We find them all so sweet
The blankets, clothes, and toys
And of course the socks for baby feet.

We are very blessed
That we have all of you
To help our mom and dad
So thanks and blessings too.





Baby Shower Thank You Wording - Poem 2

While we haven’t yet been born
We have something to say
Thanks for the clothes and blankets
And toys for us to play.

Of course mom and dad
Say thank you too
They love the gifts
From all of you.





Twin Baby Shower Thank You Poem 3

Thanks for coming to the shower
That was thrown for our mom
We hope you had a great time
Celebrating our little twosome.

We both wish we could be there
To have fun with you all
But we’re still pretty busy
Getting big and growing tall.

Although we’re only there in spirit
Thanks for all you brought
We love all the baby gifts
Yes we like them all a lot.

Before you know it
We’ll be there too
And we can’t wait
To meet all of you.





Baby Shower Thank You Wording - Poem 4

Thank you, thank you, thank you
For these gifts we can't yet see
But momma seems real pleased
Since she exclaimed with glee.

While mommy's sending this card
Since we're not around quite yet
We both would like to say thanks too
For the gifts we both will get.

So a big thank you for all
And from our little hearts
We really are so happy
And our baby lives can't wait to start.





Twin Baby Shower Thank You Poem 5

We send our love and kisses
Big thanks and special wishes

We really are so glad you've come
To celebrate our birth with mom.

The socks and shoes are really cool
And the baby bibs are great for drool.

The diapers we are sure to need
And lots of bottles so we can feed.

We sure do thank you all for this
For making this a baby's bliss.





Baby Shower Thank You Wording - Poem 6

Mom was pretty shocked
When she found that one was two
But then she got some help
from everyone she knew.

We know it's not so easy
Finding out you're having twins
And knowing you need two of everything
Before you can begin.

So thanks for helping mom
And making it much better
We hope you are so blessed
With this little thank you letter.





Twin Baby Shower Thank You Poem 7

Double trouble, that's what they call us
Two little baby's, what a circus.

Of course we think it's pretty fun
That the are two instead of one.

The problem is that means that mom
Is having problems staying calm.

After all, she needs two of all
But then you all sent out the call.

You had a special baby party
And gave mom stuff she needed badly.

For that we say a great big thank–you
And until we're born, we say adieu.




I really hope you found the twin themed thank you poems useful for your party day. And don't forget, you can use any poem you like, you could even select a variety of thank you verses to send out to your party guests. Enjoy.

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