Under Sea Baby Shower Ideas

Under sea baby shower theme ideas, yes, this fun packed sea theme will take you down to the bottom of the ocean for an unforgettable sea critter journey that you sure won't forget.

Yep, the friendly sea critters here will have your baby shower decor sorted out in a flash. So what sea life baby shower ideas will you find Right Here?

Sea Critter Baby Shower Party Pack

Well, this bubbly lot offers a fantastic selection of ocean baby shower invitations and thank you notes along with sea themed babyshower favor ideas, garlands, hanging decorations, balloons, sea themed diaper cake ideas and even complete themed under the sea party pack ideas too.

The party packs contain everything you'll need to throw an under sea baby shower theme that the parents-to-be really won't forget.

The packs offer invites, thank you notes, napkins, dessert plates, dinner plates, cups, utensils, critter themed baby shower games, balloons, streamers, labels, banners and even a critter themed centerpiece too.

Yep, you're sure to find just about everything you'll need from this superb selection of critter themed baby shower decoration ideas here. Go on, splash your way down the page and take a look, the under sea baby critters just can't wait to get you wet, whoops, I meant to say meet you. Have fun.


Sea Life Baby Shower Supplies


Under The Sea Critters - 3 Tier Personalized Square - Baby Shower Diaper Cake

Price: 89.99

Under The Sea Critters - Set of 8 Baby Shower Thank You Cards

Price: 5.99

Twin Under The Sea Critters - Personalized Baby Shower Candy Bar Wrapper Favors

Price: 0.89

Under The Sea Critters - Personalized Baby Shower Garland Letter Banners

Price: 24.99

Under The Sea Critters - Baby Shower Tableware - 48 Big Dot Bundle

Price: 69.99

Under The Sea Critters Baby Shower - 32 Person Party Kit

Price: 99.99

Sea Critters - Balloon Kit for Baby Showers

Price: 9.99

Under The Sea Critters - 3 Personalized Baby Shower Hanging Decorations

Price: 9.99

Under The Sea Critters - Shaped Baby Shower Invitations

Price: 1.69



Under The Sea Baby Shower Games

Did you enjoy this great selection of ocean baby shower theme ideas here, if you did you're sure to love the sea critter themed baby games here too.

Sea Critter Baby Shower Games

You will find three under sea baby shower games to play "Right Here", and hey, their all free, yep, the free printable shower themed game ideas can be printed off immediately for your ocean themed baby shower party day.

Sea Critter Counting Game

The sea critter themed counting game is sure to drive everyone nuts, your babyshower guests must quickly count how many sea critters they can see on the game, sounds easy hey, well this little game will have everyone counting and re-counting as they try to find the magic number required in order to win the game.

Ocean Baby Shower Scramble

How about a little scramble, then this fun to play under sea baby shower game is just for you. Your babyshower guests will need to unravel the sea critter words in the list, but they need to be super quick if they want to win the sea critter trophy.

Name The Sea Critter Game

And to round the ocean baby shower games off, you may like the name the sea critter game too. This superb game will really have your shower guests blowing bubbles as they try to think up as many sea critters as they can possibly think of in order to win the game.



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